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Road Gritting

From Martyn Fiveash

Thursday, 30 November 2017

The Huddersfield local paper has reported that 200 roads in Calderdale will not be gritted this year. it seems Sandy Gate may be one of these as it is a death trap in the mornings with all the leaves accumulating on the sloping end that is joined to Birchcliffe Road by a blind turn. This week the ice on a road that is often wet, due to it being on quite a slope, has created a serious hazard for drivers, particularly early in the morning or late at night. This decision to stop gritting many of the roads has not been formally announced, residents have not been forewarned and, presumably, we are all paying the same Council taxes as those that are still being gritted.

Some explanation and a list of the roads affected would be useful. If this is a cost saving exercise, it is one that leaves local people, trying to get to work, in a seriously life-threatening situation. A serious accident is inevitable without the road being gritted. Surely, supplying a grit bin to this area would have been a compromise that at least gave the motorist some options when confronted by this hazard.

From Andy G

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Like Martyn - and all the residents of Sandy Gate and Walker Lane - I was dismayed when I heard of the decision to cease gritting these roads. However, I have just heard from Councillor Dave Young that due to the large number of complaints received, the council have decided to revert to the original gritting regime. Well done, Calderdale Council!

From Andy C

Friday, 1 December 2017

 "...the council have decided to revert to the original gritting regime." Have they? For Sandy Gate only or for everywhere? Not on their website they haven't. All I'm seeing on there is a policy that leaves virtually every road on the north facing side of the valley in Mytholmroyd marooned in black ice for the next three months. And we can see the unused grit mountains from here!

From Martyn Fiveash

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Today I have had a letter from our local MP, Craig Whittaker, regarding the lack of gritting on Calderdale's roads this winter. This is a standard letter, addressed to the Occupier, that is, presumably, being sent out to thousands of homes in the Calder Valley.

In it he blames Calderdale Council for overspending on the Piece Hall & Princess Buildings redevelopments, resulting in cuts to road gritting. 

Personally I would think that some of our Road Tax should be heading from Government to Local Councils to pay for gritting, along with the Council Tax the local Council receives.

It seems the local Council have scored an 'own goal' by choosing to put cost cutting ahead of the safety of local residents. I'd like to hear someone from the Council explain the logic behind this crazy policy but I'd prefer if they realised the stupidity of their decision and started gritting all the roads again. 


I understand Calderdale Council will be gritting all the roads they used to grit within the next seven days. I understand the problems came about after the Council took road gritting & highway maintenance back in-house and discovered the private contractor had gone considerably over budget. 

I am assured the Council will return gritting all the roads they used to grit within the next seven days. 

This should be a big relief to residents on Mytholm Steeps, Sandy Gate, Walker Lane, Moss Lane and all the other roads affected.

From Lesley Mackay

Saturday, 2 December 2017

But still not gritting for pedestrians, are they?  Nothing for St George's Square, beside the bus stops, access to the library the health centre, the post office.  Just think, for once, of those pedestrians who risk falling. Drivers have the luxury of being surrounded by a vehicle, pedestrians only too easily break bones.  

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