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Monday, 15 March 2021

Film Festival

Hollywood Director and Producer Paul Feig joins Hebden Bridge Film Festival Line Up

American filmmaker Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters, Last Christmas) has joined the line-up for the Hebden Bridge Film Festival 2021. He will be discussing Harami - he is the executive producer - which will receive its UK premiere as part of the festival. 

The film is a modern Oliver Twist set in bustling Mumbai, telling the story of a teenage pickpocket who develops a conscience after one of his targets commits suicide. The film is presented in partnership with Bradford Literature Festival. Feig will join Director in conversation with Syima Aslam from the Bradford Literature Festival. 

Tickets for the festival, taking place online from 19-21 March 2021, are now on sale. The festival presents world cinema, UK and US independent features and shorts, as well Q&A's and panel discussions with filmmakers. 

The Harami online Q&A will take place at 8.50pm following the suggested screening time for Harami of 7pm (though ticket holders can watch the film at anytime across the weekend).

Paul Feig said, "Harami is such a wonderful heartfelt movie that brings both danger and humanity to all of its characters. Performed by a mostly unknown group of first time young actors and helmed with confidence and grace by Shyam Madiraju from his own script, the film takes you on an emotional journey that will leave you affected and uplifted."

Louise Wadley, Hebden Bridge Film Festival Director said: "What an honour for the Hebden Bridge Film Festival to be able to premiere Harami, and to welcome executive producer Paul Feig to the Q&A."

The full line-up of the 2021 Hebden Bridge Film Festival is available at www.hebdenbridgefilmfestival.org