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Volunteers needed to help look after 112,000 new trees.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

An ambitious project to restore the moorland above Gorpley Reservoir needs your help.

The National Trust is appealing for volunteers to help look after a special area of moorland which is part of a pioneering project. The moorland sits above Gorpley Reservoir, which is owned by Yorkshire Water, and has undergone a major transformation, with 112,000 new trees planted, as well as other work to help restore the habitat for wildlife.

The mixed broad-leafed trees, which were planted by the Woodland Trust, will form part of the White Rose Forest and the Northern Forest. The project, which has been led by the National Trust, also involves creating leaky dams and ponds to help re-wet the upland valley. This helps reduce flood risk in downstream areas like Todmorden, as well as restoring the peat and trapping carbon.

Project Manager, Rosie Holdsworth said, “Gorpley Reservoir is a really special site that’s had a major transformation over the last 18 months. Working with our partners at Yorkshire Water, we’ve been able to try out lots of new natural flood management techniques. Our National Trust and Yorkshire Water partnership rangers look after the site, but they cover a big patch and can’t be there all the time. We’re looking for volunteers to help us look after this special place and protect the environmental investments.”

“To begin with, we’re just asking volunteers to take a run or a walk over the site, looking for any damage to fences, gates, or trees. They can also report any illegal activity like off-road motorbikes or BBQs. This will help us protect the area and give the trees we’ve planted the chance to grow.”

Granville Davies from Yorkshire Water said, “It’s amazing to see the trees growing at Gorpley, which will help in our fight against climate change, as well as slow the flow and improve water quality. Our work with the National Trust and the Woodland Trust has made a real difference in this valley and we’re grateful to anyone who can help us look after it.”

To find out more about volunteering, please email hardcastlecrags@nationaltrust.org.uk

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