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Mytholmroyd circle

Posted by Kate
Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Does anyone know anything about the large, circular earthwork up on Midgley moor above the Mount Skip? (Grid reference 014274)

I chanced upon it whilst out walking recently and have been trying to find out more about it but no-one seems to know anything. The ordnance survey map describes it as an "enclosure". I looked at a map from 1854 which says it's a "British camp". I asked at Halifax library but they couldn't find anything else either. I have asked several people who have lived here all their lives and they don't seem to know. If you know anything please reply as I am now intrigued as to what it used to be.

Posted by Andrew Hall
Friday, January 6, 2006


I too am intrigued by the various ancient sites on Midgley Moor, and, like yourself, am struggling to find out what they are there for.

In his new 'Right to Roam' books, Andrew Bibby says "This part of the moor is rich in mesolithic (middle Stone Age) sites, including earthworks and standing stones". His book contains a bibliography which may point you in the right direction, although I think the purpose of the circles is more a matter of supposition than rooted in fact.

There are a number of turn-of-the-century authors whose works describe some of the sites (eg Whiteley Turner : A Springtime Saunter Round and About Bronteland and Halliwell Sutcliffe : By Moor and Fell in West Yorkshire). These tend to be a little dramatic and somewhat short on facts. (In fact, gulp, a bit like this posting!)

Posted byNigel Yorke
Saturday, January 7, 2006

You can details about these earth works and others here

Posted by Tim
Sunday, January 8, 2006

Thanks for the link Nigel. There is also a website - the megalithic portal has a lot of info about local archeological site