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Public Toilets in Mytholmroyd

Posted by Lisa Smith
Monday, May 8, 2006

Why is it that so many people insist on voiding their bladders behind the public toilets? Today (Sunday) is the cycle race and I've already seen 2 male appendages this morning - and all before breakfast. It's bad enough that I have to watch the kids that hang around on the street drinking, relieving themselves, (male and female) but I would have thought that responsible adults would be able to find 20p to do their business in the building rather than behind it. It's digusting and offensive and completely unnecessary.

Posted by Bill
Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Perhaps they, as I do, remember when it was free to go into a public toilet, before the price, for no increase in service went up to 20 pence. Why should the Council improve facilities (that's what they say anyway) and get no income - other than the money we pay every month for the so called council tax?

This will get worse, especially in this area as we have views, fresh air, and the odd veg patch. ?