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Allotments in Hebden Bridge area

Posted by Helen Osborne
Saturday, July 22, 2006

Were you aware that if you live in an area where there are no allotments, and can fing five other people on the electoral register who want one as well, the local council is obliged to provide. Maybe if there is a huge waiting list/shortage of allotments, the council may consider making provisions for more. I suggest a number of you get together and make a request to your council. Good Luck!

Posted by Frances Law
Monday, July 24, 2006

I live in Royd view which overlooks several allotments, some of which are lovely, but many are overgrown, and not used. I know there are people who want allotments, so why are they disused? The three allotments at the back of Albert street, should be made into Albert street communal garden if they cannot be used for growing. At the moment it just collects rubbish and broken glass, creating a hazard instead of the useful open space it could be.

Posted by Kevin Omalley
Monday, July 31, 2006

I had heard about the rule where a group of people can 'request' the local council to provide allotments - I think it was in the allotment act (1912?) but this will not always get you a result

Firstly, I think there have to be twelve people all of whom's names must appear on the electoral role.

Secondly, the legislation does not apply to individual parishes - so for large metropolitian areas like blackburn or bolton the authority will state that there is adequate provision, even though it may be 10 miles away.

I would also be careful before you request that allotments be classified as community gardens, as community gardens do not have the same protection as allotments and hence we should always be suspicious of the council taking this step as it is a step towards development of the land.

Hope this helps

Posted by Kerry McQuade
Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The whole allotment issue has made some good steps forward this month, greatly supported by the Alternative Technology Centre.

Having town councillors on our side is a good start.
Having lots more people on the petition would be even better.

And highlighting lots of possible bits of land is crucial.
So, please, get involved.

It's true, some allotments do look untended - such a bad advertisement for the high art of leisure gardening - but, in my experience up at Birchcliffe, this doesn't necessarily mean people aren't working on/interested in/proud of their plot.

Please remember, Hebden Royd Council is only obliged to consider requests from people on the electoral roll in Hebden Royd, Heptonstall Council is only obliged to consider requests from people on the electoral roll in Heptonstall etc etc.

Apparently, if a council really can't fnd land within its own boundaries it can get involved (sorry not a very technical term!) in land close to, but outside, its boundaries.