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A Time to Remember

Posted by Rev Tony Buglass
Saturday, October 28, 2006

For anyone who's interested:
On Wednesday November 1st from 7.30pm to 9.30pm Hebden Bridge Methodist Church will be keeping Open House for anyone who wants to come in and simply remember those whom they've loved.

"It will be informal and quiet, not in any sense a church service. It's something the church is offering to people who want somewhere quiet. There will be candles to light for those who want to, gentle music to listen to, and things to read - but most importantly it will be a chance quietly to remember the people we've loved and lost, and give thanks, and experience peace and healing."

"This is a time of year for remembering the dead and moving on. The Celts remembered their dead at Samhain, and November is the time to remember those who've been destroyed in war. It's a time for healing and moving on, and churches need to move on, too, and look for new ways of caring and healing."

Anyone will be welcome to come, for any part of the time the church is open. We hope it will be a help.