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Money for Palestine

From Ron Taylor
Sunday, 10 May 2009

Collections for Palestinian causes were made at two parties in Hebden Bridge;one in November and one in March. Together around £650 were raised.

The difficulties of getting British banks to transfer money to Palestinans proved too much so I took it with me when I recently visited the West Bank.

The bulk of the cash (about £500) was given to Ta'ayush, the Arab-Jewish Partnership. Ta'ayush activists who are mainly anti-Zionist Jews are particularly active in the South Hebrons hills,supporting Palestinian farming communities which are under constant threat from violent, racist Israeli settlers and their protectors, the Israeli army.

The remainder has gone to the Popular Resistance Committee of the village of Artas, near Bethlehem.

Artas is an agricultural village which has lost much of its land in a series of Israeli land confiscations since 1967. The stolen land has been used to build settlements and the Separation Wall - both illegal under international law.

Recently the villagers found out there are plans to steal more of their land to make way for the expansion of Efrata settlement.The Popular Committee has launched a campaign against these plans and needs the money to publicise and organise.

Thank you to the scores of people who made contributions.

Incidentally, a leading activist from Ta'ayush ifs facing a prison sentence for his activities in trying to save Palestinian communities.His plight was last week highlighted in The Guardian's Comment is Free section. If anyone is interested go to this link.