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Wadsworth Community Centre

From The Committee
Wednesday, 28 October 2009


We write as the management committee of Wadsworth Community Association, responsible for managing Wadsworth Community Centre in Old Town.

People may have seen us feature in the HB Times over the past couple of weeks, and we wil feature again this week.

After a lack of funding and support, as a committee we called a meeting of dissolution- as we felt it was necessary to wind up the charity, this meeting was held on Tuesday evening.

Following a half decently supported meeting, we have now agreed that we will remain operational until December, but are looking for people to join our newly formed sub committee, to deal specifically with fundraising. The people who have joined this so far are from all walks of life, lecturers, marketers, and housewives and we need more help!

We are hoping to create a new, better, brighter image of the community centre, which primarily serves the parishoners of Wadsworth, but is open to all.

If anyone is prepared to get involved, we are holding a sub-committee meeting on Weds 4th December at 8pm, at the communtiy centre, and everyone is welcome to attend.

Furthermore, and the main reason we have placed this in the Forum, what do people want to see going on, we welcome feedback, suggestions and open discussion.


From Liz D
Tuesday, 3 November 2009

In the HB Times it says the meeting about funding the community centre is on November 4th, but here it says December 4th, so it needs clarifying. Also there is another meeting on Nov 4th, about plans to build near Acre Mill which may affect Wadsworth residents- see other threads on this forum.

From The Committee
Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hi Liz,

thanks for pointing this out, the meeting is infact tomorrow, Wednesday 4th November.

The reason it was organised so soon after our last meeting is that one of the things this group will be aiming to organise is a Christmas Funday for possibly the second weekend in December, which doesnt give them long, although I do agree that numbers may be affected by the clash with the meeting for the Acre Mill Planning Appeal (that could have been held at the community centre, possible making it easier for parishoners to attend).

One thing a few members are looking into is doing some sort of exhibition on Acre Mill and how it has affected the local community, whilst getting schools and other groups involved, I will post more about this as I know it.