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Widdop Road Closure

From Andrew Marsh

Friday, 25 February 2011

As a resident living on Widdop Road this issue directly affects me, just to get that out of the way. Many of the residents along Widdop road, in fact everyone from Craggside cottages on, either has a spring water supply of or a borehole supply. From January 2010 we have been subject to inspection by Calderdale Council to ensure our supply is safe. Yorkshire Water are closing the road to install a 4km pipe to supply 2 houses at Gorple reservoir with safe drinking water as they are unable to guarantee the quality of the water unless it come from the main. They have at no time consulted with or had dialogue with the residents of Widdop Road, nor have they offered us the possibility of connecting to the main.

In fact the size of pipe they are installing make connection impossible for more than a few. If it is not possible for a company the size of Yorkshire Water to supply safe drinking water from a local supply then what is the chance that those of us without access to a "mains supply" will be able to? Will we all die from some horrible disease because our three times filtered water is not of a high enough standard? Our water was tested only a month ago and found to be of an acceptable quality so why do we need to have this disruption to our lives? 5 weeks of a 28 mile detour to go to work, go shopping , see friends, visit the doctor, etc.