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Libraries Closure Proposals

From Cllr Nigel Yorke

Thursday, 29 September 2011

I just wanted to bring to your attention the review Calderdale is undertaking on how to save a further £150K from the Libraries budget (on top of the £400k already cut). This time they are proposing reducing the actual service and/or closing some libraries. They of course are also considering the option of volunteers running the services.

Info and details are here and the survey is here.

You may notice that the public drop in sessions have already been and gone. I'm not sure how these were advertised but I certainly didn't see any notifications.

Closing date for feedback is the 23rd of October.

From Cllr James Baker

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Well done for making sure more people are aware of this Nigel. It's important that people are consulted and have a chance to influence what happens here.

Would you say having something as a consultation option constitutes a proposal though?

I think the Lib Dem/ Labour pact that runs Calderdale is determined to try and ensure the impact of any cuts is kept to a minimum. Exercises like this are to ensure people have their say and the necessary budget reductions are achieved without the thoughtless cuts, that you could have expected under a Tory council.

Looking at the questions, I think reducing the mobile Library services to those that need them and reducing opening hours would be better than any closures.

Caldedale put out a press release about this on the 8th September, that was widely reported in the Courier.