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Local Gritting and Road Clearing

From Andrew B

Monday, 25 March 2013

Further to the comments made praising the Search & Rescue, I'd like to say a massive thank you to all those who have worked tirelessly all weekend, ridiculously long hours, gone without sleep, food, and time with their families, to try and keep Calderdale moving!

Up on these hill tops we haven't had much option as the snow really has just blown off the moors and covered roads almost as quickly as they were cleared, yet the local farmers have had their tractors out, helping those brave enough to try and drive in it once they become stuck, and trying to keep roads clear with plows, gritters and snow blowers.

It's worth noting that although it's a completely different matter, the Holroyds who were criticised for the noise generated by the garden waste processor have been at the forefront of helping us all- and I can say with confidence that had anyone in these parts needed the emergency services, they would have ensured that Akroyd lane had been cleared instantly to allow this.

We are lucky that, decades on, this family (who actually lost the gritting contract, I believe due to ridiculous requirements by Calderdale of installing state of the art and extremely costly trackers to vehicles) still keep us moving.

That's the community spirit that I have always known, and I hope that people think about the bigger picture next time they want to try and stop people running their businesses.