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Lucy Meadows and Richard Littlejohn

From Jonathan Timbers and others

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dear Editor

As local Calderdale and Town Councillors, we are angered, appalled and upset by the harassment of transsexual people, such as teacher Lucy Meadows, who committed suicide after Daily Mail columnist, Richard Littlejohn, singled her out for abuse in his national newspaper column.

In protest, we wish to express our support for the campaign to remove Mr Littlejohn from his post at the Daily Mail and, on a personal level, would like to express our sympathies to Ms Meadows’ family, friends and school.

We are passionately committed to freedom of the press and expression, but, freedom of expression does not encompass ignorant abuse or whipping up hatred against innocent people, particularly those who belong to minorities. On the contrary, freedom of the press exists to counter such monstrous things.

We support the legal and moral rights of all transsexual people to live without harassment and hate, in an open-minded society where a free press challenges power, not persecutes vulnerable individuals.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Janet Battye, Deputy Leader, Calderdale Council (Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Dave Young, Calder Ward, Calderdale Council and Hebden Royd Town Council (Labour)
Cllr Nader Fekri, Calder Ward, Calderdale Council and Hebden Royd Town Council (Labour)
Cllr James Baker, Warley Ward, Calderdale Council and Hebden Royd Town Council (Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Jonathan Timbers, Hebden Royd Town Council (Labour)

From Graham Barker

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Steady on chaps. Before rushing to judgment, or joining up dots that may not belong anywhere near each other, at least read this all the way through.

From Jim M

Saturday, 30 March 2013

And this