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Disability Assesments

From Neti P

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bradford Council is investigating the disability assessment procedure, branding the current process "unfair, inaccurate, and bad value for money".

This is a precedent which all local councils need to follow.

Here's a link to an article as published by The Telegraph and Argus, Bradfords local newspaper

From Anne H

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Well done Bradford Council for investigating this ridiculous piece of bureaucracy. I'm not sure it's necessary for all other councils to repeat the exercise but I hope they will read the report and take heed.

The process is totally inappropriate for people with intermittent problems, certain psychological disorders, and also for people with a learning disability. In the case of the latter, a carer has to fill in the long and complex form on behalf of the claimant, and none of the questions relate to cognitive ability.

Filling it in on behalf of my daughter I could have replied with a simple 'yes' to all the questions on physical ability - the conclusion being that she would be deemed fit to work as a checkout assistant or a factory worker, etc. I had to add copious notes to explain why she needed supervision and support to do each task.

You would think that with almost a million adults with a learning disability in the UK, they could include some appropriate questions on the form they need to claim benefits!