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EU Referendum event, Tuesday

From Anne Todd

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Halifax and Huddersfield Speakers Club will be running a "Question Time"-style public meeting at Halifax Town Hall tomorrow (Tuesday 21st) from 7.45-9.30. I am desperately trying to find a confident and well-informed Remain panellist. Holly Lynch had agreed to participate, but as Jo Cox's Parliamentary whip, she has to be in Westminster this week. Many other sympathetic councillors will be attending memorial services or are engaged in council business. So, if anyone fancies volunteering, do please get in touch - you can reach me on Hx 835265or by e-mail at varykino@btinternet.com

Even if you aren't on the panel (and the event will go ahead, if necessary, with me taking that role), do come along and join us - it's free, audience participation guaranteed but not obligatory, and it could be your last chance to contribute to this vital debate on the UK's future.