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Flooding in Hebden Bridge

From Stephen Murty

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Why oh why o why can't all the experts see the elephant in the room? The bloody drain outlets are blocked!!

On Monday 21st of November, I left my workshop at Sandbed at 6pm as I have done for 55 years to travel home at Mytholmroyd. I checked the river level. It was at 1.7 metres. Knowing it floods at 2 metres I left knowing it was no worse then a many a wet winter days I have seen over half a century.

As I passed Whitelea Arches, Mytholm lay-bys and Market Street, there was whole areas where the surface water was up to the kerb height and not running away down the drains!

As Market Street had been reduced to single file traffic as a result of the flooding I turned up Fairfield by the Coop to be greeted by a torrent of water 6" deep and two yards wide flowing down Horsehold road and passing 2 storm water outlets cut in the wall placed there to take the water off the road.

All that was required was 2x 1 yard kerbs to direct all this water away from Market Street, so blatantly obvious to any practical local person! But then I suppose that it will now require a flow analysis and a consultation process period, before the problem is fixed, if at all.

As I got to the top of Palace House Road it was tearful to see residents in normal foot wear in panic with water above there ankles frantically trying to direct water from a blocked drain away from their houses. I rejoined the A646 at Station Road end to find 200 yards of flooded highway as a result again of blocked drain outlets.

Should anybody in power be even slightly interested, I will willingly lead them like donkeys in there hard hats, high-vis's and clipboards to the problems but I won't hold my breath.

From Bob Deacon

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Regarding the water running down to the Coop and Market Street in our recent flood alert, please note a Drop In meeting called by the Environment Agency to discuss their plans to solve this problem. It's at Town Hall on 30th at 3.00 pm at Town Hall. Hebden Bridge.

From Eleanor Land

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Rumour has it that the Council/Highways has made 3 separate attempts to adjust the road surface they laid to direct water into the drain on Market Street. All have resulted in abject failure. Farcical. Meanwhile in Japan a massive sink hole in a road was repaired in under 3 days!

From Adrian Crowther

Monday, 28 November 2016

interesting piece on the BBC this morning: Flood spending decisions 'perverse', Green Alliance says

From Bob Deacon

Friday, 2 December 2016

Hebden Bridge didn't flood recently because reservoirs were low.

In the view of Simon Byrne, EA person responsible for the Hebden Bridge flood defences the recent near miss flood was only a near miss because the reservoirs that feed Hebden Water were only at 76% capacity. My concern is that in addition to gentle persuasion on Yorkshire Water there is a need for a change in the law making it a duty on water companies to address flood prevention. Who is going to lead this campaign?

In response to this concern Rob Holden, CMBC Councillor has said, Couldn't agree more Bob, there is an urgent need for change in legislation as at present utilities companies have no obligation to put measures in place to protect the communities they supply with regards to flood attenuation. It's something that I brought up with Yorkshire Water on the 6th January this year and at every meeting I've had since but until we get the legislative change things are going to be difficult to enforce. We need to continue to put pressure on our representatives at parliament."

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