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Calder High School sports ground

Posted by Ron Haynes, Monday, June 3, 2002

This year has seen the erection of two "No Tresspassing" notices on the sports fields between the canal and the Calder river, running from Brearley along to the cricket club ground at Brier Hey.

Can anyone tell me if this is legal? Do they receive funds from the local council to subsidise the High School? This is one of the only open spaces available in the area, and although I understand their concern for irresponsible dog owners leaving a mess when they walk their dogs, it seems unfair on those people who want to walk or run around the perimeter, or practice golf shots etc. Does it also mean that the Hebden Bridge Anglers Society, who detail the use of the northern bank of the Calder for members, can no longer use the river to fish in? I should be grateful for any comments on this matter.

Posted by Anne Todd, Sunday, July 14, 2002

I was interested to read the views expressed on access to the Calder High School sports grounds, but a little surprised that they should ever have been considered to be open to the general public. Children from the school and all the other organisations which legitimately use the grounds for playing sport are vulnerable to serious injuries from any litter or sharp objects which may be discarded by the public, to say nothing of the risk of disease from dog faeces. I would also respectfully suggest that school playing fields are unsuitable venues for those wishing to practise their golfing skills (although a sharp blow to the head with a golf ball probably wouldn't hurt certain individuals who use the fields!)

As far as I am aware, the canal tow path is open to the public, thus rendering the query about fishermen somewhat irrelevant. It's also quite good for dog walking.

Would the gentleman also argue that other fields which border the tow path be open th the public? I think that suggestion would be met with hoots of derision by the farmers who own the land!

Posted by Nigel, Monday, August 19, 2002

The fact that this has occured is a sad situation. The fields have been used by the public for at least 25 years that I know of. My argument is not the fact that it is not the property of the school it is just the fact that it is another area not available for public enjoyment. Is the fact that this area is now not available not down to the sharp object problem ( when has that happened ) but the usual problem of inconsiderate dog owners. Also, are the microlighters and balloonists not going to be able to use the fields.