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War with Iraq

Posted by Guy Beech,
Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I read your posting with interest and some sympathy. At the moment I tend to come down on the side of Tony Blair and this is why.

I cannot see a credible alternative because I don't believe inspections will work any better than for the last twelve years, ie. not at all.

I mean don't just be against something, be for something.

Inspections haven't worked, do we let Saddam off the hook, then North Korea, Zimbabwe and so on?

If the UN cannot impose it's own resolutions, what then? I suppose we could pretend there isn't a problem, hide away, pretend that Saddam is ok really. We'd be safe then wouldn't we?

I think that used to be called appeasement. Give me a good sensible alternative to imposing the intent of the UN resolutions and I will march on Saturday.