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War with Iraq

Posted by Andy Wilson,
Saturday, April 19, 2003

Reading Guy Beech's stuff, how can anyone be so naive about what is really going on? The US has taken over where the Nazis failed in 1945. Since then they have invaded 14 countries in their quest for World domination. Not all US citizens are so naive. This from a friend in the States:

There is a sickness in America, a dysfunction, an illness that will become terminal if it is not reversed. Many here are blind to its presence and effects. It is a malignant combination of greed and fear. The underlying beliefs are unlimited resources, the right to fight for what one wants, and the notion that protection and guarding are necessary. (Read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn for the societal effects of locking up food.) Hence, we in America have an overwhelming number of firearm deaths per capita compared with other countries and more nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons than any other nation on the planet, while consuming 60% of the world's resources.

I have been accused of being naive when it comes international issues, that I don't appreciate the true danger in the world. Unfortunately, I see it too clearly, since I live in it every day. This country was founded on principles of freedom of creative and spiritual pursuit, respect for individual differences, and protection of human dignity. We have strayed too far, fueled by the need to continually increase the gross national product and a media that is in the sales business rather than the news business. Our leaders are bought and paid for by big business, and there is no viable avenue for change. I am an American citizen and love many things about this country, but sadly I see its demise. There is no future on this path.