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No renewal of Mytholmroyd

Posted by Dave,
Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Am I imagining it or has the talk of a Mytholmroydian regeneration come to nothing? (try saying that after a can of special brew and a pastie) Without being negative, there does not seem to be any movement towards the place being done up. I'm not talking about delicatessens, but rather about Mytholmroyd centre looking less shabby and run down. It might have been romantic in a kind of industrial decline, late 1970s kind of way but now it just looks poor and smeggy. Does nobody give a S***? What about a decent, modern bar serving something more than OAP pie special and mucky bitter? (and yes I am from 'round here)

Posted by Mick,
Saturday, October 25, 2003

Somehow I think it'd take more than "a decent, modern bar" to improve the ambience of Mytholmroyd.... how about sending a fleet of bulldozers instead?

Posted by Frances,
Saturday, October 25, 2003

There is actually plenty going on in Mytholmroyd at the moment but we won't see the results for a while. That's the difficult bit - the waiting.

The old Broadbents foundry has gone leaving an absolutely huge space for the new Health Centre which is being built . It has changed totally the views from the canal towpath looking into Mytholmroyd and no doubt also improved the aspect for many households on that side of the canal.

This is is surely going to be of massive importance to Mytholmroyd - changing the way the town looks. The memorial gardens are being moved back and a precint created in front of the Health Centre. There was an open evening about this last month at the Good Shepherd. I have an artist's impression of how it might look and if you would like to see it I can scan and send. Not to mention the benefits to us all of having a brand new Health Centre with dentist, optician etc on hand.

The Ted Hughes Centre which will be housed at the old railway station is in the hands of an architect. There are plans for a cafe, bar and restaurant there as well as a library , IT room, Ted Hughes Museum and rail user waiting room. I am told this is going to happen but it has taken certain committed individuals 6 years of hard slog to get it this far.

The Royal Oak is being turned into apartments by a local builder which will surely cheer up the entrance to the village from the Halifax end in.

The industrial units at Westfield have now gone. Apartments are being built in their place which will surely brighten up that side of the Post Office.

A dedicated group of individuals are still battling to get a place for the young people of Mytholmroyd under the name Roof over Youth.

It's a shame - and disheartening - if the people concerned (particularly on a voluntary basis) don't get credit for their hard work and dedication to some of the above proposed changes.

I like what I see happening - Mytholmroyd is on the up.... and long may it continue.

Posted by Mo,
Sunday, October 26, 200

If Mytholmroyd isn't for you then don't visit it. Those of us who live here just love it. The people are so wonderfully friendly and that is the most important thing. We have wonderful countryside where we can enjoy peace and tranquility if we so require it but what we don't want are negative comments and people like yourselves who are probably off-cumdens anyway. You've probably come from a town or a city for a better quality of life and are unable to adjust to our laid back ways! If this is the case then I think you had better depart as quickly as you came.

Posted by Mick,
Monday, October 27, 2003

As a matter of fact, I'm a native of Hebden Bridge (still live here), cruelly transplanted to Mytholmroyd at the age of 14 by a father who sought refuge from "dogs, kids and hippies". I myself had no objection to these; indeed I found them preferable to the small-town mentality one came up against a mile or so east of HB (I'm not saying Mytholmroyd was/is stuck in the past, but I can't think of many other places where there were still gangs of teenage teddy boys in 1983). If I've offended any Mytholmroydians, well I'm sorry - I was only being flippant. You obviously have Ted Hughes' sense of humour.