Steph BoothSteph Booth accused of using dirty tricks against rival

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Hebden Bridge Web has seen a copy of the statement which David Sutcliffe made to the Employment Trubunal which is currently taking place in Manchester. (See yesterday's Hebweb News for more information). He describes how he was told by Steph Booth to post a message on the Yorkshire Post newspaper "which may have led to Janet Oosthuysen losing her seat".

Mr Sutcliffe writes in his statement that Steph Booth "was at the time a senior member of staff and I was genuinely concerned about my position within the company if I did not do as she asked. I have no real knowledge of politics and did not realise the potential consequences of what I did. I was asked by the Claimant (Steph Booth) to register online with the newspaper and post a ‘blog ‘for her. The Claimant dictated the article for me which related to Janet Oosthuysen and her so called criminal past which I posted under my pseudonym and registration details. I believe that Mr Bernard Dickenson was present in the office when I posted the blog."

The Hebden Bridge Web has also seen a statement by Bernard Dickenson, Director of Cool UK, who corroborates David Sutcliffe's allegation.

In a third statement which was also delivered to the Tribunal, Noreen Khan, Area Manager of Cool UK writes, "The Claimant did not teach what she was expected to teach, and instead chose to focus on environmental issues and areas that seemed to me would benefit her political career, but spent most of her time in the her office instead of teaching.

The hearing continues.

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