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Thursday, 6 June 2013

A bin that talks back

Calder Holmes Park gains new resident

If you go down to Calder Holmes Park you’re sure of a big surprise!

You will be greeted by a large green duck asking you to feed him your rubbish!

The talking bin is the first of its kind in the park, and was kindly supplied by Calderdale Council. It was the idea of the Upper Valley Community Wardens, and has been refurbished with a new voicebox prior to installation.

The unusual bin is capable of a number of phrases that it uses to thank people for disposing properly of their rubbish. It has been installed outside the Parklife Cafe thanks to partnership working between the Council, Hebden Royd Town Council and the Friends of Calder Holmes Park.

Talking Bin

Robert Gibbon (on behalf of Hebden Royd Town Council),
Wardens Zoe Davies and Simon Bokowiec
and Charlie Carr from the Parklife Cafe.