MP Welcomes New Crackdown on Drink Problems

Friday, November 25, 2005

Local MP Chris McCafferty is welcoming a new joint campaign between the Home Officer and Chief Constables to stamp down on alcohol-related problems.

Chris told the Hebden Bridge Web: "I welcome this planned crackdown. We need to give out a clear message that we mean business - and that we will target both the minority who abuse alcohol and make a nuisance of themselves, but also rogue licensees who promote irresponsible and rowdy behaviour.

"Most of us enjoy a night out and don't want it ruined by drunken louts. Taking firm action against those who refuse to take responsibility for themselves allows the rest of us to enjoy responsible drinking. I want to be sure that the new powers in the licensing act will be used effectively to tackle underage alcohol sales, deter binge drinkers and fine those yobs who refuse to behave properly."

Under the campaign, the Police and trading standards will target drunken yobs causing violence and disorder and those who break the law by selling alcohol to under 18s, at both on and off license premises. The Licensing Act came into force yesterday and provides officers with tough new powers to tackle disorder and close premises.

Launching the campaign nationally, Home Secretary Charles Clarke, said: "We are determined to crack down firmly on those who get drunk and cause misery to others - everyone has the right to enjoy a pleasant drink free from fear or intimidation. There already exist a wide range of powers from fixed penalty notices to orders to close pubs and nightclubs instantly for up to 24 hours. The Licensing Act will give the police even more power to close down problem bars and increase penalties for premises that sell to underage drinkers. The message is clear - go out, have good time and enjoy a drink. But if you are intent on causing trouble, be certain that you will receive at the very least a hefty fine and possibly a custodial sentence."

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