Calderdale Council election 2006

Friday, May 5, 2006

Calder Ward: Results

Nader Fekri (Lib-Dem) - 1222 votes - elected
Stewart Brown (Labour)- 884 votes
Paul Palmer (Green Party) - 780 votes
Annette Getty (Conservative) - 702 votes

Turnout - 41.55%

Peter Coles retained the seat in Luddenden Foot ward, which also covers Mytholmroyd. BNP pushes Labour into 4th place.

The results were:

Peter Coles (Lib-Dem) - 1,082 - elected
John Gregory (BNP) - 570
Richard Marshall (Con) - 936
Graham Rusher (Lab) - 515

Turnout - 42.33%

Calderdale Council: still no overall control
Lab gained 1, Lib-Dems gained 1, Cons lost 1 and BNP lost 1
New council: Cons 20; Lib Dems 16; Lab 10; Ind 3; BNP 2

Turnout - 37.77%

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

This section will be updated as we receive more information

THIS YEAR'S ELECTION on 4th May for the Calder ward of Calderdale is likely to be exciting and very close.

The candidates for the Calder Ward which covers Hebden Bridge are Stewart Brown (Labour), Nader Fekri (Lib-Dem), Annette Getty (Conservative) and Paul Palmer (Green Party)

All 4 candidates ran in 2004. Green Party candidate Paul Palmer astounded everyone by pushing Labour and Conservative into 3rd and 4th place. There were just 250 votes separating the first three candidates and less than 400 between all 4, each of whom gained more than 1000 votes.

Nader Fekri, Stewart Brown and Paul Palmer are all very well known to those who follow the Hebden Bridge Web regularly.

The 2004 results were as follows:

  • Nader Fekri (Lib-Dem): 1436 votes - elected
  • Paul Palmer (Green): 1210 votes
  • Stewart Brown (Lab): 1183 votes
  • Annette Getty (Cons): 1062 votes

The turnout in Calder was well over the national average: 52.87% of the 8603 registered to vote actually did so.

Calder ward results were here on the Hebweb before anywhere else, including the BBC, Calderdale Council site and the Courier.

Candidates for our neighbouring Luddenden Foot Ward (which covers Mytholmroyd) are

Peter Coles (Lib-Dem)
John Gregory (BNP)
Richard Marshall (Cons)
Graham Rusher (Lab)


Calder Ward Green Party

Upper Calder Valley Liberal Democrats

2005 General Election

2004 Election results


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