Calder Food Group is being resurrected

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Thanks to Colm for the following news item

Calder Food Group is being resurrected, so... it's good news for low*/unwaged people in Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas who like eating healthily!!!

WHY? Well, you now have an opportunity to become a member of your local, friendly food co-operative, Calder Food Group, and buy low-cost wholefoods!

Interested and want to know more? Then come along to our "open evening", find out how Calder Food Group operates and how you can join and enjoy the benefits.

WHEN? Wednesday, 19 April

TIME? 5.30pm to 7pm

WHERE? Holme Street Arts Centre,
Holme Street (underneath the Trades Club)

We work on a not-for-profit basis to co-operative principles. This means that everyone who joins the Food Group as a member is responsible for making it work. All members are included in decision-making at regular scheduled meetings.

We aim to order in bulk from wholesalers at least once a month. A range of basic goods is kept in stock and people can purchase their required amount. We also offer a facility for members to place 'bulk orders' along with our regular group order.

We try to stock organic/fair trade products whenever possible. Examples of stocked goods: soya milk, grains, pulses, oils, teas, rice cakes, seeds, sugar, salt, washing powder and washing up liquid. (A full list of goods and prices are available on request.)

All goods are subject to a small mark-up to cover costs.

The Food Group will be operating from Holme Street Arts Centre on Wednesday evenings from 5.30 to 7 pm, starting the following Wednesday, April 26th.

[* Any adult earning £277.24 or less per week (£7.32 per hour full-time) as per National Low Pay Unit guidelines]

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