Friends of the Earth propose 'Big Push' to tackle climate change

Friday, May 12, 2006

Public Meeting: Wednesday 17th May 7.30pm
White Lion, Hebden Bridge

Thanks to Friends of the Earth for sending us the following

UK climate change emissions are now rising again, not falling as they should be! 

Yet recent developments in climate change science all point towards the need to take increasingly effective and early action to limit emissions - in this country and globally.  So just how should we get the UK back on track?  And who should take responsibility for making things happen?

Friends of the Earth is leading the way in proposing, and organising, the answer to these questions.  The environmental campaigning organisation is putting an unprecedented effort into its climate change campaign, and now is getting ready to introduce into Parliament this autumn a Climate Change Bill which will force the government to make annual 3% emissions reductions - every year, and down to the 60% reduction target in 2050.  FOE has already got more than half the total of MPs (an unprecedented number) to sign up to the principles behind the Bill (including our two Calderdale MPs Chris McCafferty and Linda Riordan), with more and more organisations supporting the idea.

What Friends of the Earth is calling for now is a 'Big Push' behind its 'Big Ask' campaign - to push the Climate Change Bill into the Queen's speech (and therefore into the government programme) and then to push it through Parliament.  "To do this requires a lot of organisation and effort, but it can be done, and it is by far the best way to actually make something happen on climate change - across the UK and here in Calderdale", said Calderdale FOE coordinator Anthony Rae.

Are you concerned about climate change?  Do you want to help out and make a difference?  If so, come along to the Calderdale Friends of the Earth meeting on Wednesday 17th May at 7.30pm in the White Lion, Hebden Bridge. 

You will get a briefing on the recent research undertaken for Friends of the Earth by one of the UK's leading science organisations, the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research -and can then join us in planning our Calderdale 'Big Push' campaign.  Our first day of action is Saturday 17th June, and a national programme of activity is already planned for the rest of 2006.  (Over the same period, FOE will also be campaigning hard for a much tougher approach to climate change in our new Regional Plan)

Every one is welcome, members or non-members alike. 

More details on the 'Big Push' campaign at


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