Running to rescue Manchester Bear

Monday, May 22, 2006

Jo Royle and sister Sarah Shark of Hebden Bridge will be participating in the City of Manchester run to rescue an endangered Moon Bear life of torture from the cruel bear bile farms of China.

They are supporting Animals Asia Foundation which raises money to rescue bears from their lives of hell on factory farms in China.

They have enlisted the support of the local postman known as the ‘running postman who has amazingly managed to get permission from the Royal Mail to to deliver Jo’s 'save the bear' sponsor forms to Hebden Bridge residents.

Jo and Sarah want residents know to expect a special delivery from Postman Pete very soon.

Together they need to raise £5500 to rescue the bear they will call “Manchester”. This June 25th, Jo and Sarah will be joining the City of Manchester Run to raise money to rescue Manchester, an endangered Chinese Moon bear from his life of hell on a factory farm in China. This is an ambitious sum, but Jo believes she can raise the money and that local residents are very compassionate.

Jo and Sarah are well known in the local area for their charitable activities, Jo volunteering with Youth Action and last year both of them modelling to raised funds for Cancer Research in 'Romanza Underwear Show' and Jo has even made an appearance on BBC’s The Bachelor.

To alert people to her cause Jo has enlisted local Postie Pete. Pete, also known as the "running Postie" has permission to deliver Jo’s "save the bear" sponsor forms to Hebden Bridge residents.

Like many thousands of endangered Moon Bears on factory bile farms, Manchester has never seen the sun, imprisoned in a tiny cage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all he knows is pain and suffering. He is milked for his bile, through a rusting metal catheter inserted in to his gall bladder. The pain is unimaginable.

The bile is used in some traditional Chinese medicines even though herbal and synthetic alternatives are readily available and equally effacious. It can also be found in shampoo, soap and wine.

Jo said, "Bears can suffer brain damage and terrible injuries from the process, which also results in many dying in agony. The bears suffer huge trauma, bang their heads against the cage walls and others chew at their own legs in frustration. Many bears are missing limbs from hunters have cut them out of traps or have been brutally declawed. I was disgusted when I found out and could not believe that this actually goes on in the world and had to do something about it."

You can sponsor Jo or Sarah by visiting their online fundraising pages on or by looking out for one of the sponsor forms delivered by Postman Pete later in the month.

Jo told the Hebden Bridge Web, "Anyone who loves animals will want to help as much as I do. I hope the local people will show their support for the Moon Bears and sponsor me if they can. Even a few pounds will make a huge difference to this lovely bear’s life.


Sponsor Jo and Sarah

Animals Asia

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