Balsam Bash at the Crags

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Join the Balsam Bash, at Hardcastle Crags, Hebden Bridge on Sunday 4 June

The annual ‘Balsam Bash’ is taking place at Hardcastle Crags on Sunday 4 June and property staff are looking for volunteers to help rid the estate of the invasive plant – the Himalayan Balsam.

But why must it be removed? Originally imported by the Victorians as a garden plant – it escaped into the wild and is now a huge problem for estate staff. Himalayan Balsam is an incredibly invasive species that out competes natural vegetation and suppresses the native plants and if not removed would result in a mono-culture, completely dominating the local landscape.

BalsamAs the plant grows annually from seed, the Balsam Bash event must take place before the plant itself seeds thus preventing its growth.  The plant is destroyed by pulling it up from the root and must be done continuously for 5-10 years to ensure the plant is eradicated completely.

If you would like to help the National Trust, then please meet and arrive on foot, by bike or via public transportat the Midgehole Road entrance to the estate – at 10am and bring a packed lunch. All equipment will be provided including gloves and insect repellent!

For further information, contact the estate office on 01422 844518.


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