MILLPOND - spray the lot!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Around eight this morning, two workers arrived with instructions from Mark Clyndes of MD Development to spray the whole of the Mill Pond in Hebden Bridge. The effect would have been to turn the Mill Pond into a desert.

The two sprayers were from a group called Complete Weed Control

Residents from Windsor View, Windsor Road and nearby began assembling. The two sprayers were reasonable and long discusssions took place. They became sensitive to the concerns of residents and agreed that they knew nothing about the previous history of the Mill Pond or the reputation of the owners.

Residents pointed out that young children played on the Millpond every day, that an application was pending to turn it into a Village Green and legalise the public footpath, that the UDP recommendation was for the Mill Pond area to be Green Belt, and there was little chance of any planning application succeeding. Residents also mentioned that they hadn't yet used their telephone tree which would bring people from all over Hebden Bridge.

The sprayers pointed out that there were 2-3 plants of Japanese Knot Weed. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 / Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 it is an offence "to plant or otherwise encourage the growth of Japanese Knotweed." More info

The sprayers offered to change the chemical they were going to use to another which they claim to be more environmentally friendly - Monsanto's Roundup Pro. They claim it is a weed and grass killer with no soil residual activity. That it wouldn't prevent regrowth of neighbouring plants.

After promises from the sprayers, that they would not spray anything else, residents agreed to allow the spraying of the knotweed, ragwort and balsam.

Concern was expressed once again that the owners completely failed to liaise with residents, and many were furious that the owners were prepared to turn the land into a desert.


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