Allotment week

Thursday, August 17, 2006

From 14th till 20th Aug

National Allotment Week is a week to promote the awareness and availability of allotments both locally and nationally and to show the public and the local authorities the strength of support and interest for the heritage of allotment culture.

The Alternative Technology Centre in Hebden Bridge are working on a small project - looking at who in the town would like an allotment, what pieces of land people know of which could be used for allotments and if any landowners would be willing to let people grow on their land.

There is a 'display' at the centre with a map and a questionnaire for people to help with this. The intention is to go to the council with a list of names of people who want allotments and their evidently have a duty to provide - (if there is suitable land presumably). Cllr Janet Battye has identified areas of land that Calderdale own in the town - which is not much.

The ATC would like people to come down to the centre with any info or to sign for wanting one.

Allotments near Hebden Bridge Station


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National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners

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