Christmas Eve Carols

More people than ever before walked down to the square for the annual carol singing. There were so many hundreds of people that even the enlarged, newly pedestrianised square was not large enough to fit everybody.


Cars attempting to drive from Keighley Road, past Innovation and round past the Town Hall had great difficulty - some commentied that this road could be blocked off for the half hour of the singing.


Many people remarked on how few were singing. Even just a few years ago, nearly everyone joined in and most knew the words without the booklets which are on sale. Many of the young people in particular don't seem to join in at all like they used to.


Those with the microphone seemed to lack their normal organisational abilities. After 15-20 minutes, it was announced that they had reached the end of the list of carols that were planned. But they sensed people wanted to carry on. This might explain how "Happy Birthday Jesus" got included. Groans and moans of disbelief were heard throughout the crowd, and there was some even barracking.


This Christmas Eve gathering has grown and grown into a great social event with many hundreds of non-believers and believers of all descriptions combining the best of Pagan and Christian traditions to make the event an essential part of Christmas in Hebden Bridge.

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