Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Update: The time has now slipped back 40 minutes due
to a local power failure but Jason Boom, Environmental Community Warden has told the Hebden Bridge Web that he will be in there in the next few days to do a reset. Looking to the longer term, the funding for the automatic reset device has been secured from Hebden Royd Town Council and we will be looking to install as soon as possible.

Time starts again
in Hebden Bridge

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Carlton clockAfter many years of comment the time is now correct on the Carlton Chambers Clock in central Hebden Bridge. The clock has not shown the correct time since it was converted into flats approximately 4 years ago and has led to comment from local councillors, residents and visitors alike.

Following a request from a member of the Local History Society who had been trying to get the time correct, and secure the original workings which were removed during renovation Jason Boom, Environmental Community Warden for Hebden Royd initially contacted the managing agents.

Jason told the Hebden Bridge Web, "Very little help was forthcoming so I contacted the owners of flats which may have included the workings. We didn't even know which flat housed them. Three flat owners allowed access to search and the final one proved fruitful. Tthe owners now live in London but were happy for us to access the workings and assess the problems from there.

'The initial survey revealed accuracy was not a problem and the time has now been manually set to the correct time but the lack of a reset system will always mean that British Summer Time and power failures will not be altered when required.

"Att the moment we have access due to the generous nature of the owners but that may not last forever so we need to find a permanent solution."

Quotes are being sort for the reset system and will be brought to the Town Council in the near future.


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