R4 in Hebden Bridge: Nuclear power?

Update: Thursday, 27 November 2008

The programme of Street Science recorded at the Alternative Technology Centre on 4th November will be broadcast on Radio 4, 3.45 pm Monday 1st December

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

On November 4th, the Alternative Technology Centre will be hosting a recording of one of a new series of programmes by Radio 4 called Street Science. The point of the programmes is for a scientist who supports a controversial area of research to get out into the real world and find out what people really think about the issues surrounding their work.

Will public opposition prevail? Or will people be reassured after an
audience with one of the most eminent scientist in the field? Perhaps the scientist will be forced to reconsider?

The episode being recorded at the ATC will be about nuclear energy and will feature Dr Sue Ion from British Nuclear Fuels.

If anybody from the Upper Valley, with some knowledge of energy matters and renewable energy, would like to take part in this 'vigorous discussion', please contact Polly at the ATC on 01422 842121 or email info@alternativetechnology.org.uk

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