Eaves bus suspended

The Eaves bus service in Hebden Bridge which – together with that to Fairfield - was reinstated in 2006 following a campaign by Hebden Royd Town Councillor Stewart Brown and local residents - was abruptly suspended this morning.

Coun Brown said: “From what I understand, First Bus stopped the service to Eaves due to safety concerns about the reversing manoeuvre where the bus turns round in order to come back to Church Lane. Apparently there were children playing in the area when the bus was turning and First considered the risk of pedestrian injury to be too great.”

The Eaves Bus is well used by rail commuters, families with young children and the elderly in particular, and its withdrawal will cause hardship and disruption.

“Clearly if there is genuine cause for concern, public safety must be paramount, but in view of the recent history of the service I can understand residents being sceptical about events,” said Coun Brown, “However, until we have sight of the full health and safety risk assessment it’s difficult to comment further. Certainly Metro will be aware we won’t give up the service without a fight.”