Friday, 4 April 2008

There is a strange contraption lurking around Hebden Bridge.

Is it the Tardis? is it a new-fangled public loo? No, it’s the Climate Chaos Kitchen’s video booth soon to be seen at events all over the town.

The Climate Chaos Kitchen, a group organising talks and discussions on local solutions to climate change, is making a film and wants your input. So they have built a special seven-foot-tall video booth to give people the chance to air their views on climate change and what we should be doing about it in Hebden Bridge. The comments will then be included in a locally-produced film.

“We want the film to provoke discussion in the town about what we can do as a community to tackle the problem of climate change. We think there is a huge potential in this area to come up with some really creative ways of vastly reducing our carbon emissions but also to significantly improve the quality of our lives in this community at the same time.” Sally from the Kitchen group told the Hebden Bridge Web.

“So we hope that over the next few months people will feel inspired to pop into the video booth when they see it at events like our Climate Chaos Kitchen, the Big Green Weekend and A World On Your Doorstep. The idea is that people record their thoughts on the issue and ideas on how we can begin to make a difference. The contributions will then be edited into our documentary later in the year and there will be showings around the town.”

The next Climate Chaos Kitchen will be at the Trades Club on Sunday (6 April) on the subject of Peak Oil, starting at 7pm with a vegetarian roast dinner costing £4 followed at 8pm by a lively short sketch introducing the concept and consequences of Peak Oil.

The main event, shortly after 8pm, will be a talk by Joe Atkinson of Power Switch, an organisation which raises awareness about the decline of cheap fossil fuels and what we can do in our own communities. The video booth will be available for use most of the evening. For more information contact