Hebden Bridge as a Transition Town?

Friday, 30 May 2008

On Sunday 1st June at the Trades Club Climate Chaos Kitchen presents Transition Towns! a creative local solution to climate change and the end of cheap oil?' The evening starts at 7:00 pm with a meal going on to a talk/ discussion at 8:00

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and moreviolent. It takes the touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move inthe opposite direction." -Albert Einstein

Organisers told the Hebden Bridge Web, "We live in an oil dependant world, and have got to this level of dependency in a very short space of time - without thinking ahead to plan for when the oil reserves are not so plentiful. Most of us avoid thinking about what happens when oil runs out or, as is happening now,becomes increasingly expensive.

"The Transition Town movement is one approach to the profound and inevitable changes we're facing because of peak oil and global warming. A rapidly growing network of places have decided not to wait for government action, but to work together to grow their own food, produce their own power, create sustainable transport systems and a whole lotmore... There are already over 35 Transition initiatives in the UK - it's even happening on the Archers!

"The future with less oil could, if enough thinking and design is applied in advance, be preferable to the present. Climate Chaos Kitchen is pleased to welcome - alongside the usual delicious dinner and video booth excitement - our guest speaker, Paul Chatterton from Transition City Leeds. Paul will be talking about the Transition concept and it's a chance to find out what all the fuss is about, how it works in other areas, and could it work here? Come along!

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