See below: Calderdale Cabinet to Re-Visit Central Street Proposals

Update: Monday, 22 June 2009

Central Street breakthrough!

Nader Fekri has just contacted the Hebden Bridge Web with the news that the Calderdale Cabinet meeting this evening has provisionally given the go-ahead to the Central Street improvements.

Calderdale Cabinet have agreed in principle. This agreement is subject to the written confirmation from the frontagers (ie, those with Property bordering the street) of what they have already agreed to pay. The main ones are Central Street School and the Coop and of course Hebden Royd Town Council has already agreed to make a significant contribution.

Update: Tuesday, 16 June 2009

"Cabinet Set To Crush Scheme"
- Hebden Royd Town Council

Regeneration of Central Street is to be scrapped, according to Hebden Royd Town Council who have today contacted the Hebden Bridge Web predicting that the Calderdale Cabinet will, on Monday 22nd June, refuse to proceed with the scheme. (see yesterday's news from Calderdale Council)

This is because, HBTC argue, the report from Calderdale MBC Officers, written on a request from Cllr Baines is, in design, no different to the one rejected in by the same group in October 2008. 

The justification for rejection at that time was that landowners in the area were not supportive and Calderdale MBC did not want to force them to contribute to the scheme.

Since that time Hebden Royd Town Council has contacted, and received written support in principle from all landowners in the area.

Central Street area, which includes Hilton Street and Pitt Street, is mostly made of sets and currently in a very poor condition with an uneven surface, both carriageway and pavement, with a number of large pot-holes.  The surface is a hazard for all but particularly, children attending Central St. School and those who use the route to Riverside School.  Central Street School has a Autistic Spectrum Disorder Unit, in simple terms disabled pupils but they and many disabled adults are presented with extra physical challenges.

In October, Cllr Whittaker, Calderdale Councillor responsible for young people’s welfare, failed to take account of the accessibility issue, preferring to concentrate on the financial element.  He stated that “the estimate charge on each property (I think if my memory serves me correctly, adding in the legal costs of doing so) was around £14,000 for each property – please don’t quote me on that cost, but I can assure you they were substantial.  Typical cost per landowner was estimated at less than £1,400 for the works, starting at £850 and only Central Street School had a cost greater than Cllr Whittaker’s so called typical value.  The next most expensive was the Co-op at £9,700 but again fully supportive of the scheme.

When the scheme rejected in October 2008 was considered there was provision for landowners to have the cost set as a charge against their property which meant that they didn’t have to find the money required immediately and in theory could wait until the property was sold before making payment.  That element has been removed in the latest report and will form the basis of the excuse for rejection this time.

Electors have become very disillusioned and disappointed in politicians to whom they look for and expect leadership.  In the cabinet they will detect weakness not leadership.  People are entitled to look to the council to ensure safe public spaces, especially in a town centre area but they won’t find it from Calderdale Cabinet.

Cllr Robin Dixon

Cllr Dixon (pictured above), member of Hebden Royd Town Council said, “The Upper Calder Valley Renaissance, the Hebden Bridge Partnership, Hebden Royd Town Council, landowners, parents and pupils at the schools plus many other residents want the scheme to go ahead.  The only people who don’t are the seven members of the Cabinet.  We are witnessing the fiasco of waste disposal resulting from a failure of Calderdale MBC to listen; when will they ever learn?”

The Cabinet Meeting will take place in the Town Hall, Halifax on Monday 22nd June 2008 at 4:00 pm if you wish to attend or if you can’t email Councillor.sbaines@calderdale.gov.uk.

Calderdale Cabinet to Re-Visit Central Street Proposals

Monday, 15 June 2009

Councillors are to look again at the making up and adoption of private streets in and around Central Street, Hebden Bridge.

Members of Calderdale Council’s Cabinet will look again at proposals, which they turned down in October last year, when they meet next Monday (June 22).

They originally considered a proposal to make up and adopt Central Street, Pitt Street, Fielding Street and Hilton Street. Estimated cost of undertaking the work at the time was in the region of £100,000.

But they were told at the time that the people with properties fronting on to the streets had shown little interest, with only six out of 20 indicating that they supported the scheme.

The Cabinet had also expressed concern about the need to impose a charge on the people with property on the street (frontagers) and the potential precedent of undertaking such work.

But since October, Hebden Royd Town Council has indicated that it has gained the support of all property frontagers for the work to be undertaken. The Town Council has also said that it will increase its contribution to the work from £20,000 to £30,000.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member Regeneration and Development, Cllr. Amanda Byrne, said, "When Cabinet made its original decision in October 2008, members were clear that they would not support any scheme which would lead to a charge being imposed on people's property, particularly in the current economic climate.

“However, if evidence is available that shows this position has changed, then it is right for Cabinet to look again at the proposal."

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