Police and Communities Together Meeting (PACT)

(Formerly Police Ward Meeting)

from Cllr Lesley Jones

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

First of all with many apologies for the confusion over the location. I hope no-one came too late last night to be able to spot that we had to relocate to the police station due to a mix up over the collection of keys for the Town Hall. Secondly you will see that the name of the meeting has now changed from the previous Police Ward Meeting.

The meeting was well chaired by PC Martin Langan and helped along by PCSO Ed Webb. Although it was very good to see a new face amongst the group who regularly attend, it is disappointing to know that we still don't seem to be able to attract a far bigger audience at these very useful meetings.

PC Langan gave an update on the previous three priorities as follows:

  • To reduce anti social behaviour and drug taking around Nutclough - on the 29th May a drugs warrant was executed and a cannabis farm was found in a bedroom with a value of approximately £500. A man was arrested and is currently awaiting a court appearance.

  • To reduce street drinking and related anti social behaviour in the Town Centre and around Calder Homes Park - a number of high profile patrols were carried out over the school half term break. There were three arrests made in Calder Holmes Park with a further 5 arrests made over the period for public order offences.

  • To reduce anti social behaviour/drunken/abusive behaviour around Fairfield - the situation here is now much improved having been achieved through a combination of police visits, extra patrols and the involvement and co-operation of Pennine Housing.

A general discussion took place around the real and perceived drug issues in the town centre and surrounding areas and it was stressed that the Police do rely on members of the public to pass on information which can be done in complete confidence. This helps to add weight to any information they may have already and is often the final piece of the jigsaw needed to enable more specific action to be taken.

In the Nutclough area it was noted that since the 29th May the location had been noticeably quieter for a couple of weeks. However, there was a recurrence of noise and nuisance last Friday. In addition it is often a through route for groups of youths and young adults making their way home after a night out. The resultant noise and disturbance is upsetting and worrying for residents in the area.

The Street Angels are now operational and getting off to a good start. It was noted that at the moment cover is only available until 11pm but often the situations needing their help occur in the early hours. PC Langan pointed out that officers were out and about until 4am and that the Street Angels were not there in a policing role but as providers of help and assistance to people who find themselves in a vulnerable situation.

Crime figures for the month of May were more or less stable, and certainly Hebden Bridge is a much safer place to live and work than some surrounding areas.

Reports made over the month were as follows:

  • Criminal damage - 17
  • Anti social behaviour - 42. PC Langan pointed out that this can cover a wide range of possible situations, ranging from domestic arguments to football being played in the street.
  • Violent crime - 7
  • Serious violent crime - 0
  • Vehicle crime which includes theft/theft from and damage - 16
  • Burglaries from dwellings - 2

It was noted that the CCTV system is still out of action and it was disappointing that a repair did not appear to be a priority. Both PC Langan and Cllr Janet Battye (CMBC) would chase Calderdale for a report on progress. PC Langan confirmed that the CCTV system had proved very useful in providing evidence.

Some problems at Mytholm Close were now being tackled. Problems within one family had caused issues locally within the area but meetings had been held and Pennine Housing were working to resolve the issues in partnership with the Police.

Finally, there was a discussion concerning the problems of describing the whereabouts of locations to officers based in Wakefield. Everyone was agreed that this has the potential to cause problems, particularly where a call had been made that needed urgent attention.

The three priorities set for the next 6 weeks were set as follows:

  • Continue to concentrate on policing the Nutclough area - both in terms of possible drug issues and late night noise problems.
  • Follow up the CCTV repair with a view to getting it back into operation as soon as possible.
  • Continue to focus on ASB behaviour in and around the town centre and Calder Holmes Park.

The next meeting will be held in the Town Hall Committee Room at 6:30pm on Tuesday the 4th August. I promise that the key problem will not recur!! Please come along with any issues that may be affecting your quality of life in your area and help to resolve these by discussing and agreeing the priorities for the next 6 weeks. It would be great to see more of you there.

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