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The Fringe's first Weekend

Monday, 8 June 2009



Ever wanted to go to a Capoiera workshop? Well here’s your chance to sample this invigorating blend of dance, martial art, gameplay, acrobatics and musical relaxation. The artform originated in Brazil, practised by African slaves, particularly those of Angolan origin. Participants form a circle or ronda in order to combine the playing of music, singing, or ritually sparring in pairs. The practise involves movements that merge the attitude and positioning of martial art techniques with the fluidity and grace of dance.

William Souza, on behalf of The Associação Cultural de Capoeira Angola (ACCA) will be presenting a workshop at The Holme Street Arts Centre on Saturday 27th June from 2–4pm. At the incredibly cheap price of £2 (or £1 for teenagers and children) you can sample this exciting and healthy form of exercise and self-expression that is right up Hebden Bridge’s street. Come down and join in the fun and get a taste of Brazilian funkiness and feistiness transplanted to West Yorkshire.

Woodland Mystical Poetic Odyssey

Write Out Loud is an organisation that seeks to bring people together to promote the performance of their poetry. It runs a regular open-mic. session in the town’s Hole in T’Wall pub on the first Tuesday of every month. In honour of Hebden Bridge’s pagan leanings, it will be staging a trip into the surrounding woodland to meet, eat, cavort, get elemental and share poetry that celebrates nature, the earth, seasonal connectivity and a sense of fun.

Meet in St. George’s Square on Saturday 27th June at 11am. The event is free and the group will be lead to nearby woodland, at a secret and sacred destination to celebrate the pagan, poetic creatures that live in all of us. The ceremony will be lead by Sean Kavanagh. Bring along your poems, food, sacred herbs and ceremonial robes to share in this reconnection with our pagan and bardic origins. Expect exotic clothing, incantations, self-expression and lyrical magic. Read any suitable poetry that you have, or come along and watch the poets get back to nature. See

What the Frock

Are you a budding fashion designer? Or do you have a flair for customising your vestments to turn other’s heads? Then this is the event for you. It’s a chance for you to showcase your textilian skills by creating, customising or combining an outfit, garment or look that will enliven the streets of Hebden and bring a taste of the catwalk to the town’s cobbles. Show off your skills and join in a fun parade of original fashionistas whether it’s in a dress , a snazzy suit, that special hat, a funkified bag, a stunning coat or even a ball gown with a minibar in it.

The event has no rules other than wearability and is open to all those who dare to show off their flair (or flares). Running on Sunday 28th June in the afternoon, from Hotcakes Shop in Hilton Street, there will also be a chance to sell the pieces of sartorial snazziness, commission-free, in the shop, for the duration of The Fringe Festival. Hotcakes showcases and sells one-off clothing from local designers as well as vintage thrift, customised and high end clothing. If you think your threads can cut it in that company, get them on, get down to the event and show everyone what you are made of. To take part contact Sam at the shop or via

Community Drum Circle

Keep Hebden’s heart beating and connect to your inner rhythms, and those of others, by joining this rhythmic circle on Saturday 27th June 2009, at 1pm in The Holme Street Arts Centre. Drums and percussive doo-dahs will be provided, but bring your own things to bang on if you have them. For the super-cheap price of £1 you can relax, enjoy the beat and spend time with friends and family, even those you haven’t met yet. Everybody is welcome to join the melee, make some noise and synergise those inner tickings. The circle will be led by Paul Dear of Rhythm Bridge. For further details see The Fringe Website or contact

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